Oregon Line Card

Calconduit: Galvanized Rigid Elbows, Sweeps, Nipples & Couplings, Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) Elbows & Sweep

Calbond: PVC Coated Conduit & Fittings. 

Calbrite: Stainless Steel Electrical Conduit, EMT & Flexible Conduit, Fittings, Device Boxes and Accessories

Dura-Line is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe, and accessories.

A unified system of Dura-Line products provides for protection and fast, safe installation of communication networks, power cables, and pressure pipe for a wide variety of markets, including:

  • Energy and electrical transmission and distribution conduit

  • Transportation networks including intelligent highways and street lighting

  • Municipal and Industrial pipe for potable, waste, and process water and gases

  • Enterprise and Data Networks for hospitals, universities, and industrial automation

Appleton: Appleton offers an extensive range of lighting fixtures, electrical fittings, plugs and receptacles, control stations, distribution panels, and more. With the addition of ATX product lines and ongoing new product introductions, Appleton can provide certified protection for any environment, from ordinary commercial settings to hazardous locations (NEC, CEC, IEC, ATEX, and more) and the harshest industrial conditions – onshore or offshore.

OZ-Gedney: Supplying fittings and enclosures for commercial and infrastructure locations, OZ Gedney products are designed to stand up to harsh and hazardous industrial environments. OZ Gendey offers corrosion resistant and explosion proof products, providing unsurpassed reliability and durability.

Nelson Firestop: Nelson Firestop products protect against fire, smoke, water and explosions in military and commercial marine vessels, oil rigs and production platforms, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Fluke: World Leader in electronic test tools and software. Digital Multimeters, Earth Ground Testers, Power Quality Analyzers, Clamp meters, Electrical Testers, Insulation Resistance Testers, Process Calibration Tools, Thermometers, Scope Meters, Vibration Analyzers and Thermal Imaging Products.

Amprobe: Primary products include Clamp-ons, Multimeters, Wire Tracers, MegOhmMeters, Environmental and Voltage & Continuity testers.

Gems Sensors is the most popular flow, liquid level sensor and indicator line on the market. Warrick, an industry leader for over 50 years in conductivity liquid level controls, is now a part of the Gems’ portfolio. Pressure transducers round out the line. Gems Sensors carries over 350 products and an unlimited offering of custom designed solutions.

World leader in the development, design and manufacture of wire & cable products to support the electrical distribution, communications, industrial, energy and specialty markets. General Cable's Carol® Brand is the most recognized name in flexible cords for temporary power. The extensive line includes portable cord, cordsets, portable power cable and premium-grade cable for commercial and industrial applications.

GE Lamps and Ballasts, offering the most complete line of LED, fluorescent, incandescent, CFL , HID and miniature lamps in the World. In addition, GE’s ballast product lineup is the most complete line of electronic and HID ballasts in the Industry.

Haydon Corporation’s products include H-Block© Rooftop Support Systems and H-Strut© Metal Framing Systems & Accessories for mechanical, electrical, industrial and OEM applications. Manufactured in the U.S., products are LEED certifiable and made from 100% post-consumer materials. Haydon’s team works hard to go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations.

Recognized as a reliable source for THHN, XHHW, TFFN, TFN, MTW and THWN-2 type conductors for commercial and residential use in 600V applications. High quality, cost competitive cable designed under Underwriters Laboratories (UL), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) specifications that meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code® (NEC).

From the clean-room to the factory floor, Hoffman enclosures protect sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, oil, water, corrosion and other contaminants. Standard, modified and custom built enclosures in mild and stainless steel. Aluminum and non-metallic, Proline Modular Enclosure Systems, Disconnects, Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Complete line of Contractor products for commercial applications. Busbar Systems and Hazardous Location enclosures.

Hoffman Cooling - Formerly known as McLean: Air Conditioners, Heat Exchangers, Outdoor/Indoor Thermolectric, Fresh Air Cooling, Heaters and Accessories.

Eriflex: Low voltage power and grounding connections for OEMs, panel builders and targeted industries.

Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) provides fuses from high speed DC to high voltage fuses as well an extensive offering of fuse blocks, clips, power distribution blocks, and fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches. Mersen products include fuses for general purpose, semiconductor fuses, medium voltage fuses, special purpose fuses, UltraSafe™ fuseholders, fuse blocks and holders, power distribution blocks, miniature/glass fuses, and accessories.

Outdoor rated Electrical Service Pedestals for commercial & residential applications.

Electrical Service, metering equipment, UL Listed Pedestal Enclosures.

Nehring manufacturers bare and insulated copper and aluminum wire, ACSR, AAC, ACSS, AAAC, aluminum-clad steel, copper-clad steel, building wire, underground power cables, ground rods, and medium voltage cables to the utility, telecommunication, electrical distribution, and OEM markets.

For more than 60 years, Panduit has introduced thousands of problem solving new products to the electrical and network infrastructure industries. Panduit’s Bundle – Route/Protect – Terminate – Identify & Safety focus includes cable ties & accessories, surface raceway, wiring duct, abrasion protection, cable management, terminals, power & grounding connectors, labeling and printing systems, safety products for arc flash and lock out/tag out compliance and  factory floor Industrial Automation solutions. 

Total power quality solutions; from the service entrance to the most sensitive control systems, SolaHD offers industrial grade power conversion and power quality products to ensure reliable operation in the most demanding production environments. Power Suppliers, Transformers, UPS.

STI leads the industry in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases. STI Firestop’s SpecSeal® and EZ-Path® product lines are engineered to deliver powerful performance. Because their system designs are user-driven, they are easier to apply. The result is simply designed, outstanding fire protection systems which often result in lower installed costs. STI products and systems offer innovative firestop solutions for all types of new construction and retrofit applications.

Sunbelt Transformer is one of the world’s largest providers of new and reconditioned transformers and electrical equipment for commercial and industrial markets worldwide. Offering a complete line of transformers, components, switchgear and power products.

WBT's products are a mix of innovative new cabletray concepts and ideas that offer better cabling support, less environmental impact and easier & faster installations. The shaped wire design is documented to decrease pressure and strain on high performance cabling up to 65%. Made in America, WBT products are available in custom colors, stainless steel, factory configured radius bends, and include unique Tray Radius, Tee and Intersection connections that do not require cutting or configuring. Expect a smart looking installation in less time.